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The activities are supported by an organizing table and teachers’ notes that are written in English or Spanish, upon request. They provide teaching tips and ideas to facilitate the teaching and maximize the learning experience through the short films.


Activities Level Mode
1. Preparation Intermediate Interpretive / Presentational
2. Preparation Intermediate Interpersonal
3. Preparation Intermediate Interpretive / Interpersonal
4. Recognition Intermediate Interpretive
5. Recognition Intermediate – Advanced Interpretive
6. Comprehension Intermediate – Advanced Interpretive
7. Comprehension Advanced Interpretive / Interpersonal
8. Development Advanced Interpersonal / Presentational
9. Development Advanced Presentational
Notes and Suggestions
  • The dialog in this film is fast and full of slang. If you choose to show the video without subtitles it will be an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with some expressions currently used by young people in Spain. Make sure that students understand that it is important to get the gist and not necessary to understand everything. Show the video once without volume to get them acquainted with the situation and make guesses. Ask questions about the three main segments of the short: ¿dónde están estas personas?, ¿qué pasa al principio?, ¿qué pasa después?, ¿y al final?
  • The following activity (A6) asks students to make inferences. You may wish to explain to them that there are things that are not necessary explicit, but can be inferred from the situations and/or conversations.  To prepare students for this activity you may ask some questions about their understanding of the short: ¿por qué Pepe no tiene ganas de hablar, probablemente?, ¿cómo es Lola?, ¿quién toma normalmente el autobús?, etc.
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