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Organization of Activities Worksheet:
  • Vocabulary (useful words and expressions)
  • Preparation: previewing (3-4 activities)
  • Recognition: while viewing (1-2 activities)
  • Comprehension and Development: post-viewing (3-4 activities)
  • Culture and research (1 presentation activity related to cultural topic)
Types of Activities:
  • Interpretive (based on audiovisual comprehension, vocabulary activities, cultural comprehension, reading, etc.)
  • Interpersonal (communicative, role plays, exchange of opinions, etc. Group and pair activities)
  • Presentational (based on cultural research, presentation of cultural topics, expression of opinion, writing, etc.)
Activities Format
  • To do online (mechanic: fill in the blanks, matching, etc.)
  • To do in class (communicative, writing, etc.)

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