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Educación en corto

Catalog of Short Movies in Spanish |  Language and Culture Activities |  Spanish as a Second Language Learning | All levels

Educación en corto - Enseñanza del español como lengua extranjera a través del cortometraje

Educación en corto  is a multimedia service that focuses on Spanish as a second language learning through short movies.


We select the shorts

We select authentic Spanish-spoken short films among the best distribution catalogs in Spain and Latin America. The selection targets the academic curriculum, and the level of the students.


We negotiate permits

 We negotiate permits of emission directly with producers and distributors.


We create activities

We create a full program of activities related to the shorts to reinforce linguistic and cultural knowledge.


We customize programs

We work directly with publishers and educational institutions and we adapt the product to their needs.

The short films…


Mostly unknown. Little commercial distribution.


With ethical values and positive messages.


Chosen for their pedagogical values in the best short film festivals and markets.


Produced in recent years. Targeting current topics.


They have been awarded for their dramatic, technical and interpretative qualities.


Selection of short films adjusted to the most popular Spanish as a Second Language curricula.

Language appropriate

Selected for their use of correct language and clear vocalization.


Thematically classified.

More possibilities

With or without activities
Service extensible to other languages
Short film production
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